At Land Forum Uganda we take lead in innovative solutions for sustainable development. valuation is vital for mortage or information purposes. Every person who have information of this property for informed decision walking. valuation reports are coded . We have team of experienced valuers to assist clients in providing valuations for a diverse range of property types and for a wide variety of purposes. From our network of offices we are able to monitor local, regional and national trends in property prices so that informed commentary can be given regarding factors influencing values, especially in heightened political times.

We routinely work on behalf of private and corporate clients, banks and other lenders, and the public sector.

Our reports are regularly required for:

  • Purchase and sale
  • Secured lending
  • Capital taxation – inheritance and capital gains tax, planning and calculations
  • Rent negotiation
  • Agricultural tenants’ ‘Right to Buy’ and waygoing claims
  • Litigation and divorce settlements
  • Compulsory purchase
  • Compensation
  • Annual accounting purposes

We cover an extensive selection of property classes, particularly in the rural context and . . .

Our surveyors are called upon to report on:

  • Mixed use properties and larger portfolios
  • Farms – owner occupied and tenanted
  • Development sites – from building plots to major projects
  • Infrastructure schemes– including roads and pipelines
  • Renewable energy projects
  • Forestry – new plantings and established woodlands
  • Licensed and leisure properties – hotels and holiday parks
  • Sporting rights – fishing and shooting
  • Servitude rights, wayleaves and neighbour matters

Published on 8th November 2018