Real Estate Agency

We ensure that your expectations are met by providing high market appraisal and marketing services across East Africa and beyond. We have a good Understanding of the national and regional markets which enables to achieve the best result for the property.

We aim at having the property owners at the center to gain the best out of the property.

Properties are listed in Property Sales.

We do:

  • Inspection and provision of reports to inform the marketing process and advise.
  • Organise Home Reports and particulars
  • cost effective marketing procedure
  • Use media effectively
  • Avail our property listing to potential clients
  • Handle inquiries and arrange for property viewing
  • Negotiate with all potential buyers
  • Take exclusive rights to property marketing but with constant updating the property owner
  • All our sales are conducted with solicitors, the property owners and the Purchaser
  • Avail the services 24/7

We further offer:

  • Market advice
  • Preparation of particulars like boundary opening, verification etc and marketing
  • Client orientation management
  • Process documents, where needed
  • Wide coverage marketing considering social economic challenges globally

Published on 8th November 2018